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Sable Greens Vending Solutions

Our new fresh hydroponic fruit and vegetable consumer options are designed to meet the needs of today’s health-conscious, on-the-go consumer. It offers retail space operators an innovative solution to meet society’s growing demand for fresh, healthy food sources in vending machines. With a distribution center as well as fresh-cut and re-pack facilities strategically located in Baltimore, MD, we can provide fast, safe and convenient distribution of a variety of hydroponic farm products. The line features specially packaged produce, as well as single-serving salads and sandwiches, completely customizable to meet the needs of your consumers.


Product Mix:

  • Whole fresh produce

  • Various salad mixes and blends

  • Pineapple, mango, blueberries mix

  • Various tea blends

  • Various sandwich combinations

  • Various fruit medleys

  • Various vegetable medleys with homemade customizable dips


Products are only deliverable within Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the District of Columbia at this time.


Sable Greens Farm to Streets Vending Machine


The Sable Greens Farm to Streets Vending Machine offers consumers of any retail space accessible and healthier eating choices. Our vending machines feature a variety of conveniently packed and ready-to-eat fresh fruit and vegetable snacks, as well as juices, teas, salads, and sandwiches.


Sable Greens Street Mart Line


Similar to a vending machine, street marts provide the on-the-go consumer with a variety of healthy options for lunchtime. With open shelved coolers and swipe card options, employees can now easily and quickly shop in workplace lunchrooms. Sable Greens offers an array of customizable products that health-conscious consumers are demanding. With our just-in-time delivery and customizable solutions, we are able and ready to provide fresh items for any retail space

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