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Harvested with love.
Grown by neighbors.

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Our produce is carefully tended to from seeding to harvest and due to the protective nature of our indoor hydroponic farm, you can rest assured you are getting top-quality ready-to-eat produce.  Fresh and crispy lettuce varieties like crunchy romaine, smooth butterhead, or delicate leaf lettuce. Rich in flavor and vibrant in color, leafy greens like kale and spicy arugula offer versatility and nutritional value making them staples of many international cuisines. Fragrant herbs that enhance the flavor of any dish prepared by at-home cooks and professional chefs looking to add sophistication to their dishes.

butterhead lettuce

Butterhead Lettuce

[ˌbədərhed ˈledəs]

Lactuca sativa

Whether you are looking for the red butterhead lettuce with its mild, sweet, and succulent flavors or the soft buttery texture of the green butterhead lettuce, we have you covered.




Brassica oleracea

Chock full of iron, calcium, and vitamins A and C, these tart and crunchy leaves pack a punch.




Spinacia oleracea

Spinach has a tender texture and slightly sweet flavor.




Eruca Vesicaria

For the bold flavor lovers, arugula has a peppery flavor with long, spiky dark green leaves.

Image of shrimp and spinach salad
Organic Tomatoes


Lycopersicon esculentum

Old-fashioned, robust flavor that can range in color from pink, to vibrant red, to orange.

Spring Onions

Spring Onions
[spriNG ˈənyən}

Allium fistulosum

Sweet, onion-y flavor near the bottom and fresh-tasting and slightly pungent near the soft green tops.

baby spinach leaves

Baby Spinach
[ˈbābē ˈspiniCH]

iuvenis Spinacia oleracea

Has a softer and often sweeter texture and flavor than its mature counterpart

Table with salad, dishes, and oil
cilantro close up


[siˈlänˌtrō, siˈlanˌtrō]

Coriandrum sativum

Has a bright and fresh flavor profile with the tang of citrus.

loud speaker with plants coming out
In hydroponics, all produce is "in season", and we are constantly updating our inventory to match the needs and wants of our customers and testing the limits of soilless cultivation. Stay updated on what we are growing and for our limited harvest items (blue agave bananas, anyone?), sign up for our blog. 
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Our produce is fully traceable and never produced with GMOs or pesticides.
We strive to be sustainable in every part of the farming process and that ideology is passed on to our packaging choices. We use rice paper packaging and pouches that are eco- and landfill-friendly and biodegradable.

We continue to explore the options of packaging and will always keep flavor, quality, and sustainability at the forefront.
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