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Top view of butterhead lettuce growing in beds using hydroponics inside greenhouse nursery


Sable Greens was born to bring more affordable, sustainable, and fresh, quality produce to urban spaces. We specialize in hydroponic greens, roots, and fresh herbs.

"It's not radical but it's personal"

At Sable Greens, we are obsessed with healthy food sources and locally grown produce. We understand that healthy foods may not be accessible for a plethora of reasons, from lack of transportation options to economic inequality. When we started Sable Greens, we were “smack dab” in the middle of a global pandemic. As expected, health and vitality felt more urgent than they ever had before, and we believe that health starts from the inside; from the foods that we consume.

We’ll be straight with you. Our mission is not radical, but it is personal. That is why we have decided to join those who wish to close the gap and feed the streets. We have taken our years of experience and research to bring you nutrient-rich, delicious, and sustainable produce for you and your family.

Image of Hydroponic brunch

Sustainable Farming from Seed to Delivery

Equitable Access to the Fresh

Premium Quality and Flavor

Community Building through Engagement


People-Centric, Community Driven



We understand the diversity of the community we serve and the role that food plays in carrying on tradition, community, and culture. We strive to provide the freshest ingredients to tell the story that only passed down, heirloom recipes can tell. Our customers trust the quality of our produce that crunches with freshness in every bite.



Growing Practices

We skip the soil and cultivate our produce with hydroponics using everything the human body needs such as freshwater, light, good nutrients, and quality air. Our indoor vertical farm conserves and upcycles natural resources while reducing carbon dioxide and greenhouse emissions. 

Besides careful monitoring and singing to our plants, Sable Greens farming includes:

Soilless Cultivation

Gone are the limitations of soil, allowing for maximized agricultural production, and better crop growth


Our produce is grown without pesticides or harmful agricultural run-off. Reduced need for fossil fuels in transportation and terraform.

Seed Selection

We source all our seeds from certified organic sources and use certified organic heirloom seeds whenever possible. Our seeds are fully traceable

Facility Safety

In addition to our Organic System Plan, all farmers have completed GAP Produce Safety Training, food safety training, and nutrient management planning.

Water Quality

We analyze our water daily to minimize any contamination. Because of the efficiency of our vertical indoor farm, we can reduce water use by 95% through recycling

Growing Environment

Our plants are grown in a carefully monitored environment ensuring the best air and water quality and the highest protection from pests and inclement weather.

Great Quality, Great Price

Because we seed, grow, and distribute all our produce we are able to pass those savings on to our consumers

close the access gap

We donate fresh produce to help minimize food waste from landfills and put food on the table of those in need.

in the
city farm

We chose to be right in the city to minimize the food miles and maximize the freshness for consumers

growing and listening

Because our farm is small, we can tailor our inventory to the dietary and cultural needs of the community we serve. Want to see more of something? We are all ears!

We Are Serious About Access

Understanding the factors that contribute to health food priority areas or food deserts is key to identifying solutions in the fight to end food insecurity in Baltimore. Sable Greens wants to reach the people where they already shop, so we are partnering with neighborhood convenience stores and other small grocers to make access to fresh produce easier and more readily available. 



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