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Welcome to Sable's Farm Stand!

Starting a farm in the middle of an urban environment is not unheard of, nor is it not being done already in the Charm City that is Baltimore, Maryland. There are many farms of various sizes throughout the city with the common goal of feeding the city and its neighbors. This blog is meant to highlight the "goings-on" of Sable Greens, an urban hydroponic farm in Baltimore that shares the common goal of producing food for Baltimore's table.

Much like the water reservoir that we use to store all the nutrients used to supply all of our greens and roots, the Sable Farm Stand is intended to supply anyone with interest in the operations of running a hydroponic farm in an urban space with helpful info. Sign up for the latest updates on Sable Greens and any special projects that may pop up on the farm. See you all around the city!


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